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      A local judge returns to the courtroom with new insight

      The honorable Judge Kristie Swaim of the Second Judicial Circuit attended the 2014 Missouri Judicial College this week.

      The educational seminar focuses on civil, criminal and family law as well as general ethics.

      This is Judge Swaim's 12th year attending the judicial college since she was first elected as Associate Circuit Judge in 2002.

      Judicial college is an annual educational program sponsored by the Trial Judge Education Committee of the Missouri Supreme Court.

      â??It really is a great event. Itâ??s also a time when we can discuss cases and statutory law with your colleagues as other judges. We kind of get a feel for how they're handling things and we really get our knowledge up from conversation that happen in between classes as well as the actual program that's presented,â?? said Swaim.

      All Missouri judges and commissioners are required to receive at least 15 hours of continuing legal education credits each year, including ethics.

      Nearly 28 judicial experts and 200 judges and commissioners attended.