A local man reaches out to soldiers overseas

Frank Adams prepares a soldier care package at First Baptist in Bevier, Mo.

A few bags of peanuts, a pair of socks and a Bible are only a few things Frank Adams includes in his soldier care packages he creates at First Baptist Church in Bevier, Missouri.

â??Well we were in Sunday school one morning back in February 2005 and of course the war in Iraq was going strong, so I felt like I should do something to help the war,â?? says Adams.

So after shipping the first batch of the packages overseas and receiving an overflow of â??thank yous,â?? Adams designated a wall inside of the church for posting soldier updates.

â??It is unreal sometimes the letters you get back thanking you for what youâ??re doing. One soldier thanked us and thanked us because heâ??d been over seas like four times,â?? says Adams.

Church members like Kathy Shaver and her husband are thankful for the ministry that they say makes a world of a difference to their sons whoâ??ve been deployed.

â??They are very appreciative whether itâ??s a magazine from Missouri or itâ??s just jerky from the state of Missouri, theyâ??re just happy that they get that part of home,â?? says Shaver.