A local painter solicits community support

Adam Walter of Macon, Missouri is looking to attend a camp for those with disabilities.

A painter with cerebral palsy is soliciting community support.

Adam Walter of Macon, Mo. is looking to attend a camp for those with disabilities.

The Wonderland Camp costs $700 to attend and Walter plans to sell paintings to raise the money.

The paintings are original creations by Walter himself.

A longtime friend and coach says he is amazed at Walterâ??s progress throughout the years.

â??I sit there and Iâ??m like how do you do that, and it's beyond me,â?? said Learning Opportunities/Quality Works Inc. Skills Coach, Sean Distler.

Walter has been confined to a chair for most of his life with an echo device to speak, but he has found beauty in a world of limitations.

â??He has the brush in his mouth, Iâ??ll draw the picture. Weâ??ll come up with something abstract and Iâ??ll take the brush from him, put the paint on it and make sure it doesn't go everywhere. Heâ??ll hold the brush in his mouth and paint,â?? said Distler.

Painting is said to be one of his passions with community involvement being a close favorite.

â??We do a lot of things together. We go around town and I make sure he feels just as a part of the community as anybody else would. I love working with him. Heâ??s been my buddy for years and it's good to work with him,â?? said Distler.

Although independent, Walter doesn't mind asking for exactly what he needs.

I use my artistic skills to paint birdhouses and now canvases. I sell these items at various craft shows in the area by order, by Facebook and by phone.

To order a painting, please visit Adamâ??s Facebook page (Adam Walter) or call LOQW in Macon (660) 385-6325.