A local writer participates in a national writing challenge

Todd Kuhns talks to KTVO's Destiny McKeiver about the Nanowrimo challenge.

The National Novel Writing Month (Nanowrimo) is a non-profit, country-wide effort to push writers who struggle with getting first-thoughts written on paper. The month-long challenge goes in effect every November and each participant is expected to produce a 50,000 word novel by November 30.

Todd Kuhns, one of Kirksvilleâ??s own freelance writers, decided to take on the challenge earlier this month and he has reached over 30,000 words with only 6 days left in the challenge. Kuhns says he has a 1,600 word goal for each day, regardless of the content. Although, most of his work will need revising by the completion of the book, heâ??s satisfied with being able to start with something.

â??I really feel like mystery is taking shape. Itâ??s doing so in a way that I didn't expect. This is my first time sitting down to write anything as long as a novel and Iâ??ve been surprised lately how easily it's come to me. Some days it's not there and I stare at the page, then I go, â??oh boy what's going to happen todayâ?? and other days, I feel like the characters are writing the story for me,â?? says Kuhns.

A number of companies have teamed up with the organization to provide prizes for writers completing the challenge by the scheduled time.

Kuhns has also created a local support and encouragement group for writers to share interests. Find the link here: