A Missouri man loses everything except faith

Robert Rogers opens up to KTVO's Destiny McKeiver

Robert Rogers of Liberty, Missouri stopped by the Trinity church of Brookfield, Missouri to share his testimony. Upon arrival at the church, he held on to a bag of pictures, a heart filled with memories and a life changing story.

"I started off studying music as a youngster, piano, and went on to study Engineering as a part of my college curriculum. I met a girl from Kansas in Boston. Her name's Melissa. We met at a sidewalk cafe' where I was playing piano evenings and weekends."

Like every other â??happily ever afterâ?? couple, Robert and Melissa got married and started a family. With miscarriages and special needs children, Robert says he and Melissa grew closer to God.

"We just threw our hands up in the air and said God what do you want us to do? We want a big family, but each one is very difficult to bring into this world."

On Labor Day weekend in 2003, after a wedding get a way, Robertâ??s faith was challenged beyond measure.

"On the way home, this dilute of rain, just a flash flood, formed across the Kansas Turnpike and it was in the darkness, we couldn't see it coming. Within a matter of minutes, it overtook our van and ultimately washed us off the freeway into the deep, literally."

Melissa, Makenah, Zachary, Nicholas and Alenah were gone.

"There we wereâ?¦ tumbling, drowning, no control. We couldn't see anything. It was surreal."

Instead of questioning his life, Robert used his story to change the lives of other people.

"One by one, people just started asking me to come to their church, Saturday morning pancake breakfast, their school, their community event to share .... Robert how can you still have faith? How can you still trust in a God that would allow this to happen? So, I just started telling my story."

Today, Robert speaks at churches across the country, hoping to change lives. He remarried and has four children with his second wife. For more on Rogers, visit his website: