A moment of silence in La Plata

A moment of silence took place in La Plata Monday morning to honor those who have fought for our country and those who continue that fight.

Many feel as though the Memorial Day importance is often replaced with barbecueâ??s and picnics.

So to remind the public, the American Legion Post 282 held Mondayâ??s service to remember the countless fallen soldiers.

The service reminds the public of how much has been sacrificed for our freedom.

Community members gathered at the city park to hear from Karen Coy who spent time with the Army Nurse Corps and the 114th Evacuation Hospital in Desert Storm.

After returning home, Coy traveled as a missionary nurse to Kenya.

Now, she is a Pastor with the United Methodist church in La Plata.

In her speech, Coy encouraged veterans to tell their stories to children so that their devotion to our country is never forgotten.

And again, to all of the veterans and current soldiers out there, KTVO thanks you for your dedicated service.