A mother's mission to take care of son's gravesite

Margie Stewart has been maintaing her son's gravesite for the past 33 years

Margie Stewart of Cincinnati, Iowa has been taking care of her son Ericâ??s gravesite at Pleasant Hill Cemetery since he died 33 years ago.

However, a proposed change to the current cemetery ordinance would make it illegal for her to keep doing so. And she could be fined after her first warning.

Stewart says she believes that the city is enforcing ordinances selectively, enforcing the cemetery ordinance, but making allowances on other rules.

â??KTVO called Cincinnati Mayor Dave Rummons but he declined to comment at this time.

â??I just want the city to leave me alone, worry about enforcing these other ones and leave the dead people to have their site, burial sites you know, a pleasure to drive out and look at. You know if I have to pay a fine, I have to pay a fine because I promised to take care of my deceased child and that's what Iâ??m going to do. And I guess the city's broke so we need more money so they're going to come after me for this,â?? said Stewart

If the changes to the ordinance are approved, only authorized city employees or contractors will be able to plant, place, install, cut, remove or carry away any flowers, bases, flower pots, urns etc from the cemetery or any lot thereof.

The cemetery ordinance is again on the agenda for the April 8 city council meeting.