A possible new city ordinance to help preserve downtown Kirksville

A new city ordinance may be put in place in order to help preserve one historic downtown district.

At Wednesday afternoon's Kirksville Historic Preservation Commission meeting, members went over the results of a downtown design guidelines survey that residents were asked to complete last year.

The biggest thing that came out of the survey showed that residents were interested in placing a new ordinance or guideline that would regulate the construction of new buildings in and around the historic downtown Kirksville square.

"The main goal of this would be if we want to construct the new buildings, they do not conflict with the appearance. We are not there to say the building is historic. It's to make sure it doesn't conflict with the appearance of the existing buildings and change the whole look of it," said City of Kirksville Codes and Planning Director Brad Selby.

Selby says that the new design guidelines will take time to be put together.

The commission will continue to discuss the new possible ordinance at the October meeting.