A road near you maybe getting an upgrade

Lincoln Street

If you think streets in Kirksville need to be repaired, your concerns may soon be answered.

The City of Kirksville's Engineering Department is proposing to spend about $830,000 to resurface and repair several streets throughout the city. Kirksville City Engineer Edward Ieans said about $660,000 of the proposed budgeted funds will be used to mill and overlay asphalt on Cottage Grove Avenue, Normal Avenue, and Laharpe Street. The rest of the funds will be used for surface treatments and to repair curbs, gutters and storm drains on Normal Street and several other streets throughout the city. Ieans said the project will be funded by the Transportation Sales Tax Fund.

Here is a list of the proposed repairs:

Surface Treatment:

Lincoln St

Hamilton St from Meadow View Dr to Jamison St

Potter Ave from Industrial Rd to Baltimore St

Laharpe St. from Boundary St. to First St.

Asphalt mill and overlay:

Cottage Grove Ave from Normal St to Hamilton St

First St from Jefferson St to Normal Ave

First St from Patterson St to Laharpe St

Laharpe St from Franklin St to Baltimore St

Normal Ave from Fourth St to First St

Concrete Program

Laharpe St from First St to Franklin St

Ieans tells us how the Engineering Department decides which streets will be repaired each year.

"The roads are selected by the amount of deteoriation that is done to each road. We have a program called Pavement Master that tells us the conditions of each street," said Edward Ieans. "Also, we do a field investigation of each street based on snow plowing and wear and tear to determine which streets will be put on the program each year."

The current proposal needs approval from the Airport and Transportation Committee and the City Council. The Airport and Transportation Committee is scheduled to meet on Tuesday, March 13, at noon in the City Hall Council Chambers. The meeting is open to the public.

Ieans said he expects bids to go out in late spring, and construction to begin in June. According to Ieans, the project should involve only partial street closures, and it should take three to four months to complete.