A shock that can kill you

Kyle Finley, owner of Live Line Demo, Incorporated

Do you know how many volts of electricity are in your outlets?

That is just one of the things Kyle Finley, owner of Live Line Demo, Incorporated, taught people at a demonstration event in Macon on Thursday night.

The live line demo is a safety demonstration to educate people on how to protect themselves or someone else from injury or death caused by electricity.

Emergency responders, utility workers and farmers were among some of the people at the program.

During his presentation, Finley demonstrates how to be safe around electricity in your home, workplace and other places with high-voltage contacts.

His first demonstration was with 120 volts, which is used in homes and office buildings.

Finley showed the difference between a regular outlet and a ground fault interrupter receptacle.

He says every home should have ground fault interrupter receptacles, especially in places around water.

The event was put on by Macon Electric Cooperative at the Macon County Expo Center.

You can find more information on Live Line Demo, Inc. HERE.