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      A step back into the Civil War Era

      It was like taking a step back into time Tuesday morning at the Ottumwa Public Library as the Reminisce Society brought in OJ Fargo for his presentation called â??A Visit from a Civil War Soldier.â??

      As Fargo steps into a room to present, it is 1865. There are no iPhones and no Internet.

      He is a soldier that is on his way back from the Civil War.

      Fargo interacts with the audience and answers questions in character as a Civil War soldier.

      Fargo says when a lot of people think about the Civil War they think about Grant, Lee and Lincoln but they often forget about the common soldier.

      â??So thatâ??s what most people can relate to and like when I do this with kids and stuff they look you right in the eye and say look I donâ??t care about this battle, the guy you're talking about this Grant guy, he's dead. Heâ??s been dead for a long time. But they all have relatives or theyâ??ve heard on the news or a variety of things about people who are in the army. Well Iâ??m in the army, just happened to be 150 years ago,â?? said Fargo.

      Fargo travels all around Iowa giving presentations.