A Truman Capstone class teams up with the Wellness Zone to promote healthy living

Wellness cooking class, Missouri Hall

The Wellness Zone, located in Trumanâ??s library, had a Wellness Week to get students more in tune with eating the right foods and being aware of their bodies. Capstone students passed out trail-mix and awareness pamphlets during the week in hopes to get students in the healthy state of mind. The students also hosted dance classes for cardio exercise on Friday night. Sunday, they met in Trumanâ??s Missouri Hall to cook healthy tacos and enjoy massages.

Students attending the week-long festivities felt the events were beneficial to the student body.

â??Weâ??re still having massages after this and then also cooking classes because a lot of people come to college and don't necessarily know how to cook the healthiest of meals and so this is a great opportunity for people to get involved,â?? said Jessica Wentworth.

The Capstone students were glad they had the opportunity to help promote the Wellness Zone and get Truman students thinking about their health.

â??It feels great, Iâ??ve never done anything like this before so it's all new to me, but it's very helpful. Iâ??m being helpful to the community... the Truman campus, so it feels good,â?? said ReeAnna Winston.

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