A Truman English professor gives a music lesson

"Adventures in Avant Pop" By: Bob Mielke

Writer by nature, but a musician at heart is what some would call Bob Mielke. He's an English professor at Truman State University, but his colleagues say his captivating new book was no accidental happening.

â??Bob is a good friend of mine and Iâ??ve known him the whole time that he's been working on this book. I feel like this is sort of his magnum opus. This was the book he was born and destined to write,â?? says Truman professor Dereck Daschke.

"Adventures in Avant Pop" was released Friday in Trumanâ??s Ophelia Hall, followed by a personal book signing. Mielke says the book is a combination of artists and things he enjoys.

â??I thought... what do they have in common? Why do I like them and it was a great excuse to spend a decade listening to every single note they played I could get my greedy little hands on. It was just this exploring my passions,â?? says Mielke.

Mielke hopes the book is used for classroom teachings at Truman, as well as campuses nationwide.

â??I want to see how it teaches and if it teaches well, it's not just thatâ?¦ I want to make people buy my books, if it teaches well, Iâ??ll come up with a teaching guide and just use it in classrooms because right now, rock music, music appreciation and popular music is widely taught on university campuses,â?? Mielke says.