Accused sex offender had been previously charged

Christopher Hunter, 19, of Kirksville,

A Kirksville man accused of crimes against children was out on bond in connection with similar charges in another Missouri county. Christopher Hunter, 19, was charged with attempted use of a child in a sexual performance. He's currently being held in the Adair County Jail on a total of $170,000 cash only bond.

As to why Hunter was let out on bond from Iron County, Adair County Prosecutor Matt Wilson says prosecutors are required to prove that someone is a flight risk, or that they are a danger to the community in order to not allow them to post bond. He says if someone does not have prior history of that then all there is, is the charge itself, which has the presumption of innocence, so that puts the prosecutor at a tougher spot to argue to the judge to keep someone in custody.

â??He was out on bond and not having been in the court room or knowing what the judge relied upon I can't really comment on why the judge let him out or whether I think it was a good or a bad choice based on just the legal rules.â??

Hunter had been released on a reduced bond back in November of 2011. At his most recent court appearance on January 10th, Hunter's attorney had filed a motion to have him declared incompetent to stand trial, yet Hunter remained free on bond. His next court appearance on the Adair County charges is set for tomorrow.