Accused tractor thief threatens to run over owner, burn down house

Marty Collis, 43, of Queen City, Mo. is accused of stealing a tractor.

A northeast Missouri man faces four charges after investigators say he stole a tractor, tried to run over its owner with it and threatened to burn her house down with her inside.

Marty Collis, 43, of Queen City is charged with felony stealing, assault, trespassing and harassment in connection with Tuesdayâ??s incidents.

According to court documents, the victim told a Schuyler County deputy that Collis came to her residence outside Queen City, trespassed and stole her tractor.

On his way to investigate the case, the deputy saw Collis driving the stolen vehicle down a gravel road, blocked the road with his patrol vehicle and ordered Collis to get off of the tractor.

The deputy said after several verbal commands, Collis got down from the tractor and was placed under arrest.