Active meth lab found inside Schuyler County home

UPDATE: Four of the five suspects were charged on Wednesday. They are facing drug charges.

The suspects charged on Wednesday are David R. Brown, 22, of Lancaster, Allen Brewster, 26, of Lancaster, Michael Brewster, 52, of Kirksville, and Crystal Brewster, 34, of Kirksville.

All four are charged with felony Possession of Methamphetamine.

Michael and Crystal Brewster are also charged with felony Delivery of Methamphetamine.

As reported in KTVO's earlier story, Dwayne Brewster, 30, of Lancaster, is charged with Financial Exploitation of the Elderly. More charges against him are pending.

Schuyler County Sheriff Joe Wuebker told KTVO Dwayne Brewster is also now wanted on a Davis County, Iowa warrant related to the fraud and identity theft investigation.

UPDATE: The Schuyler County Sheriff's Office stumbled across an active meth lab on Tuesday.

They found it at the Dwayne Brewster residence on Rabbit Run Avenue just northwest of Lancaster.

Sheriff Joe Wuebker told KTVO they were carrying out a search warrant related to an investigation into a major identity theft, fraud and stolen mail case that affects between 50 and 100 victims across northeast Missouri, southeast Iowa and even as far away as Oklahoma and California.

Those victims include individuals, businesses and organizations.

He said that investigation started clear back in October 2016.

The 30-year-old Brewster and four other suspects were arrested Tuesday.

Brewster was already wanted on a Schuyler County warrant for Financial Exploitation of the Elderly.

Wuebker said Brewster used his business, Brewster Roofing, to scam a 93-year-old woman out of money.

All five suspects are on 24-hour hold pending the filing of multiple drug-related charges. Three suspects are from Lancaster. Two are from Kirksville.

Under most circumstances, it is KTVO’s policy not to release the names of suspects until formal charges have been filed.

During the fraud investigation, Wuebker said authorities seized more than an ounce of methamphetamine, a lot of drug paraphernalia and garbage bags full of stolen checks, W-2s and other important documents taken from people's mailboxes.

The FBI has taken over the fraud investigation.

The sheriff said most of the dozens of victims probably do not even know yet that they are victims.

Wuebker said three search warrants were carried out in the Lancaster area on Tuesday.

Those searches led law enforcement to obtain a fourth search warrant for a home in Kirksville where two of the five suspects live.

Investigators found drugs, drug-related items and more stolen mail at the Kirksville residence.

Wuebker said approximately 17 law enforcement personnel participated in Tuesday’s activities.

The agencies who helped the Schuyler County Sheriff’s Office were the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Northeast Missouri Drug Task Force, FBI, Lancaster Police Department, Missouri Department of Conservation and the Kirksville Fire Department.

The fire personnel helped clean up the active meth lab found at Dwayne Brewster’s home on Rabbit Run Avenue outside Lancaster.

A local sheriff's office stumbled across an active meth lab Tuesday while carrying out a search warrant for something else.

Schuyler County Sheriff Joe Wuebker told KTVO his office discovered an active meth lab inside a residence at 13560 Rabbit Run Avenue just northwest of Lancaster.

They also found drug paraphernalia.

Wuebker said a total of five people have been arrested so far.

Not all of those arrests are drug related.

Wuebker said he would try to provide additional information about the investigation on Tuesday evening.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol is assisting the sheriff's office.

Personnel from the Kirksville Fire Department were called to help with cleaning up the active meth lab that was found by investigators.

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