Adair County Associate Judge Swaim gets power over Deputy Circuit Clerks

The Second Judicial Circuit has transferred the appointing authority in the Adair County Circuit Clerk's Office.

The appointing authority in Adair County has been the center of a year-long dispute. The dispute resulted in Circuit Clerk Linda Decker's power being over taken by Presiding Judge Russell Steele.

That power was transferred to Adair County Associate Judge Kristie Swaim Tuesday evening. Steele has had control over the Deputy Clerks Office since May of 2013. Judges in the Second Judicial Circuit voted unanimously, Steele included, to adopt the change. The Deputy Clerks will now be supervised by Judge Swaim while problems in the County Clerks Office are fixed.

Judge Swaim hopes the change will help to restore morale and restore order in the office. Appointing authority gives an individual the ability to hire, fire and discipline office employees. Missouri statutes provide that power to the elected Circuit Clerk, with the exception of Adair County.

We will have an interview with Adair County Associate Judge Kristie Swaim Thursday.