Adair county bridges bi-annual bath underway; drive with caution

Spring is a time where many people take the time to deep clean their property and possessions. Surprisingly, it is no different for MoDot. So if you see workers on the road, please slow down for their safety. They are in the process of cleaning all 40 bridges in Adair County. Bridges are cleaned in the spring to remove salt and chemicals from winter storms. They also go underneath bridges to clear away drifts. Both the drifts and the salt build up can become expensive problems if they are neglected.

â??The drift can build up big enough to take out the bridge. The more common problem is it builds up around the piers and piling and the water runs up underneath it and does what we call scour erosion which take the foundation from underneath the bridge. That's the reason why we remove the drift. The salt gets in the concrete and can deteriorate the concrete as well as rust the re-barb which weakens the re-barb plus causes the re-barb to expand crack more concrete,â?? said Monte Fisher Maintenance Supervisor for MoDot in Kirksville.

In the past decade, 13 MoDot workers have lost their lives. It is so important to be attentive and courteous while workers are on the road. If you arenâ??t attentive, state troopers will be out in force and your misconduct could result in a ticket.