Adair County bridges get a face-lift

Bridge construction on Campbell Cemetery Road

Adair County officials spent the day inspecting roads and bridges across the county.

A bridge on Campbell Cemetery road was just one of their stops.

It was destroyed by a storm in 2008 and has been closed ever since.

The overall cost to rebuild this bridge is just over $400,000.

Luckily the county doesnâ??t have to foot the bill. Money from the Federal Highway Bridge Fund is going to repair this and five additional bridges.

That means there's no out of pocket cost for Adair County residents.

Many drivers have been affected by this bridge closure, but project engineer Shannon Howe said they shouldn't have to detour much longer.

â??There's a cemetery down the road that people haven't had access to, there's also a residence in the area that's caused quite a bit of trouble for them,â?? Howe said. â??So this bridge will get this public road open again."

Work on this bridge and the Normandy Way bridge should wrap up this fall. The county expects to start work on four more bridges next spring.

The bridges slated to recieve updates in the spring are on Benton Road over Flyod Creek, Foxtrot Lane over Bear Creek, Banner Lane over Brushy Fork Creek, and Oklahoma Trail over the East fork of the Little Chariton River.