Adair County burn ban rejected by state legislators

The Adair County Commissioners, local fire departments, and the Missouri Department of Conservation worked to create a burn ban last year. However, that ban is no longer in effect.

A number of counties in the Show-Me-State worked to establish burn ban ordinances. The state of Missouri passed legislation that allowed a county to establish a burn ban. However, state legislators did not include counties that are considered third class, when it comes to passing the ban.

"There is a concern in the spring especially with all the dead grass and stuff, the disasters that can happen when somebody accidentally starts a fire or maybe potentially starts a fire and it spreads to somebody else's structures, so we just want to keep people safe, we are not trying to micro-manage peoples lives, but a burn ban I think is a reasonable ordinance within a county," said Adair County Commissioner, Mark Thompson.

Adair County Commissioners are now in the process of contacting state officials for an answer when it comes to creating a new ordinance.