Adair County Courthouse prepares for back tax sale

The Adair County Courthouse is preparing for the upcoming 'back tax sale'.

Missouri State Law requires that the sale be held on the fourth Monday in August each year at the county courthouse. At the sale, delinquent properties can be purchased. A property must be delinquent for three years before it is offered at a back tax sale. Four notices for properties that have been delinquent since 2011 have already been sent out.

"We currently have 99 accounts that are delinquent for the 2011 year, and that represents about $45,000 in unpaid tax and about another $20,000 in interest and penalty associated with those accounts because they are late," said David Erwin, Adair County Collector.

Checks for those delinquent properties will be accepted as payment until July first. After that date, only cash and money orders will be accepted as a form of payment. Those payments can be collected by the Adair County Collector at the Adair County Courthouse.