Adair County Humane Society braces for the winter weather

The winter weather is hard on everyone, even the animals at the Adair County Humane Society.

The most recent winter storm added numerous tasks to the animal shelterâ??s already lengthy to-do list. But with the help from the community, most tasks were easily completed.

Leading up to the storm, the shelter received extra blankets and food as donations from members of the community. Wind blocks and straw are also used to insulate the concrete shelter to keep as much cold out of the building as possible.

The city of Kirksville plows the long gravel roads, which allows for vehicles to get through. And a group of students from a Truman University Fraternity lent a hand by helping to shovel the snow around the buildings.

â??We had a group of students even yesterday (Tuesday) with the horrible snow call us, they had the day off of classes , wanted to come and help, they said lets come help you shovel, which is something the employees here do normally,â?? said Missy Decker, Manager of the Adair County Humane Society. â??So it was amazing to have them out to help, especially with the drifting so there were some really deep spots and all of our employees couldnâ??t make it in because of the weather so we were shorthanded getting the animals taken care of so it was a huge help for them to be out here and greatly appreciated.â??

The Adair County Humane Society is always looking for donations and volunteers. If you are interested in helping out, feel free to contact Missy at the shelter.