Adair County 'Hunger Games' give teens an appetite for reading

Teens participated in an obstacle course as part of the "Hunger Games" Saturday.

The Adair County Library is encouraging teens to develop a healthy "appetite" for reading with their own version of the â??Hunger Games.â??

Saturday afternoon, middle school students were invited to attend the library's "Hunger Games" in anticipation of the newest movie.

Masters in Education students from Truman State University planned an afternoon full of Hunger Games related activities including camouflage face painting, an obstacle course, and cupcake decorating.

A variety of skills were put to the test, and to top it all off, a game of assassins kept the teens on their toes.

It was an afternoon full of fun, but the focus went far beyond that.

â??Sixth through eighth graders are not always interested in being in the library, there are a lot of competing things out there as we all know, and so this was just a chance to see what we could do. We're very happy, we have about 18 middle schoolers here today,â?? said Kelly Paino, of Truman State University.

The new Hunger Games movie, "Catching Fire" comes out November 22nd.