Adair County officials report on 2012

"State of the County Address"

County officials and board members gathered Friday morning for the "State of the County Address."

The Adair County commissioner talked about the budget, how the county built eight new bridges and about new businesses.

And, that seemed to be the tone during the address, growth and expansion.

The theme of the address was growth and expansion.

Although, Glenda Hunt from Adair County Public Library said library check outs went down one percent.

Nancy Pennington with Senate Bill 40 said it made a large profit for the year and are looking to continue providing services to people.

â??We provide case management for 350 different individuals in Adair and surrounding counties,â?? Pennington said. â??We have our activity center going, and we have about 800 visits each month, so we have people coming to learn life skills and social skills. We provide funding for individuals with developmental disabilities that may not be able to access funds for those things in other ways, so things like assistive technology, medical supplies, employment coaching whatever they may (need) that's related to the disability that's not available elsewhere.â??

Pennington said Kirk-Tran has been a big help to the organization.

â??The biggest barrier for individuals with disabilities to be out in the community, or out at work is transportation â?¦ many of them are not able to drive themselves,â?? Pennington said.

Pennington said this year theyâ??re working on getting more employers to hire people who have disabilities.

â??So many of these folks have great abilities that we need to tap into, so if employers are more understanding and can help focus on what those abilities are and work with us on some of the things that may be are a little more challenging that will be a win-win situation for everybody.â??

Sherriff Robert Hardwick said the sheriff's office is introducing an anti-bullying program at Ray Miller Elementary with hopes to bring awareness to the bullying epidemic.

â??There are a lot of things we can do if we get together and work together as a team,â?? Hardwick said.

Hardwick also noted that the department's budget is $100,000 less than it was last year, and he talked about the cost of housing inmates and things the department is doing to try and balance that.

He said to off set some of the cost; he had to move some people from full time to part time.

He also talked about having a Memorandum of Understanding with other counties to house their inmates.

Hardwick says it cost $35 a day to house an inmate, and the state gives the department $19 a day for an inmate.

He also talked about the medical, dental and food cost of housing inmates.

Jim LeBaron from the Adair County Health Department also spoke about programs they are brining to the department.

He talked about how the department is aiming to have more people immunize their children.

Larry Burton with the Adair County Ambulance District talked about how it added 11 team members in 2012 along with a 12-hour shift crew.

He also talked about how they purchased a new property and ambulance vehicles.