Adair County passes use tax proposal

Adair County officials are pleased after voters said yes to the county use tax proposal on tTuesday's ballot.

The Missouri Supreme Court Ruled earlier this year that it is unconstitutional for Missouri to collect sales tax on out-of-state purchases of motor vehicles.

So, Adair County Commissioners put the use tax proposal on the ballot to let county voters decide if they wanted the tax back or not.

In the end, the voters said yes to the use tax.

"We feel very good about the use tax being passed. The people have decided to take care of themselves by reinstating the use tax," said Adair County Commissioner Mark Thompson.

"The money that's going to be collected will be roughly $50,000 and most of it will be for our roads and bridges," said Adair County Commissioner Carson Adams.

Commissioners said the county's roads and bridges are in need of maintenance and money from the use tax will help a lot.

The use tax takes effect January 1.

Similar questions were on the ballots in Sullivan and Macon Counties, but voters in those counties defeated the measures.