Adair County Public Library holds book discussion

It's not exactly 'Oprah's Book Club', but the idea behind the gathering had the same premise.

The book 'Crossroads of Freedom: Antietam' was the book that was discussed at the annual book club meeting at the Adair County Public Library Tuesday evening.

The book gives a glimpse into what life was like during and after the Civil War. The discussion was led and moderated by Mark Hanley, a history professor from Truman State University.

Every month, members of the book club vote on which selection they would like to hold a discussion on next. The discussion allows the book lovers to share what they learned during the reading and how they interpreted the different characters who were involved.

"We got a variety of people that get a lot of different ideas, and some of them come just to learn, some of them come just to hear what other people say. Anybody that likes to read always likes to share," said Bess Mercer, Friends of Adair County Public Library President.

The genre of the book selections vary, so there's something for everyone to enjoy. If you're interested in getting involved and joining the book club, contact the Adair County Public Library at (660) 665-6038 for more information.