Adair County Public Library holds 'Downton Abbey' tea party

The Adair County Public Library in Kirksville held a special event for 'Downton Abbey' fans Friday afternoon.

With the season four premiere of 'Downton Abbey' airing Sunday, fans of the popular show gathered to drink tea and talk about past seasons of the show.

This is the first time the library has held an event like this, and they plan to hold more in the future. The library is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the building this year, and directors are hosting different programs and events for people in the area to enjoy.

Those who attended Friday's tea also had the opportunity to discuss their favorite 'Downton Abbey' seasons and characters as well as learn about the time period of the show, thanks to different books available from the library.

"We thought this was a great time and a great way to get caught up on what we had forgotten about from previous 'Downton Abbey' stories and so we thought this would just be a real interesting library program," said Glenda Hunt, Adair County Public Library Director.

If interested in catching up on past seasons of 'Downton Abbey,' the Adair County Public Library has seasons 1 thru 3 available for check out.