Adair County Road and Bridge Department Budget meeting scheduled for Wednesday

Adair County Courthouse

Editor's note:

Our original story incorrectly stated that Adair County Commissioners were reviewing budgeted amounts for road salt. Adair County Commissioner Mark Thompson told KTVO on Wednesday that the county does not salt gravel roads. The county has "no road salt operation at all, nor do we intend to," Thompson said. We apologize for any confusion the original story may have caused.

Original, corrected story:

The Adair County Commissioners and the County Road and Bridge Department will be holding an open budget meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The Commissioners and the Road and Bridge Supervisor will be meeting at the Adair County Court House to discuss the budget for 2014. The budget for the Road and Bridge Department includes costs for diesel fuel to use in snow removal equipment to help maintain the county roads in winter weather.

The county commissioners and road and bridge supervisors will be discussing ways to fund the different costs of the department, and encourage input from the public.

"Our budget has been much of a challenge the last few years, because our funding for this year and the last few years has been almost comparable to that in 2002 and considering the expenses have increased over the years, we're running on a shoestring only," said Adair County Commissioner Mark Thompson.

The 2014 budget meeting with the Adair County Road and Bridge Department will be held Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 in the County Commissioner's office and the public is welcome to attend.