Adair County Tax Assessor will photograph every property in the county

Updated with Editor's Note below

The Adair County Assessor is starting a new initiative to collect digital photos of every property in the county. Before pictures are taken, assessor employees will knock on your door to inform you of what will be done. They will be wearing florescent green shirts with badges showing their affiliation with the Adair County Assessor. Pictures of every structure on your property will be taken. This project will benefit all Adair County residents in cases of a disaster and insurance claims

â??This is not something that I'm coming out to find out that you built something or something that would increase your taxes or something that would lower your taxes. This is for the benefit for electronically mapping Adair County. So, that in an event of a disaster, a fire, whatever, it might be that when insurance companies come, the emergency people come, that we can put this back together and do an emergency response to help you,â?? said Donnie Waybill, Adair County Assessor.

Photographers will leave the property if they are asked to do so, but the property owner could see the value of their property double which will result in higher taxes that they must pay each year. If you have any questions, Waybill encourages anyone to call his office at (660) 665-4423.

Editor's Note:

Waybill has told KTVO that refusing to allow his staff to photograph property will not solely double the assessment of that property. However, the assessor has the right to return to the property to reassess its value. If the assessor is not allowed to measure new construction for an accurate assessment, then the assessor has the right to double the valuation.

On Tuesday, May 28, Waybill will be a guest on Good Morning Heartland on KTVO ABC.