Adjustment to hot temperatures could be dangerous

After a mild summer so far, temperatures are heating up this week.

After what has been a mild summer so far, transitioning to temperatures in the high 90's Monday and Tuesday can be a difficult and possibly dangerous adjustment.

Much of the KTVO viewing area is under a heat advisory throughout Monday. Since our bodies are not used to the high temperatures, it's especially important to be on the lookout for signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion. Signs and symptoms include nausea, excessive sweating, an increased heart rate and flushed skin.

Heat exhaustion is the beginning signs of a heat stroke and can be treated at home by getting to a cool place and hydrating with water. However, heat stroke can be deadly if not treated right away by a doctor.

As the temperatures are expected to climb yet again Tuesday, be sure to take all precautions when going outside for prolonged periods of time.

"If you have an outdoor job, try to get things done in the morning, so you're not out in the noon and the afternoon time when it is at its hottest," said Lynelle Diers, Wapello County Public Health. "And if you are, make sure you drink a lot of fluids."

Diers also suggests wearing light-colored, loose-fitting clothing.

Also, do not drink alcohol or sugary drinks, like soda, while in the sun.