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      Adopt-A-Plot to help save historic cemetery

      The city of Kirksville will soon have a new program called Adopt-A-Plot, in which you can get involved and help preserve a piece of history.

      At Tuesday afternoon's meeting of the Friends of Forest-Llewllyn Cemetery Committee, the group went over the guidelines for the new program.

      Similar to the Adopt-A-Street Program, Kirksville citizens and families will be able to adopt a certain section of the cemetery to keep an eye on. They would then report to the city any litter, tall grass, weeds or vandalism done to the markers and help preserve a historic site.

      "If you take an opportunity and look at the individuals that are buried there, like our founder Jesse Kirk along with A.T. Still, there's a lot of history there. We're just working on trying to preserve it, and we hope the community will take part in that," said Kirksville City Manager Mari Macomber.

      The committee now will present the Adopt-A-Plot program to the Kirksville City Council at its October 7th meeting for approval before the group can move forward with the project.