Aerial acrobats stun at Heartland Air show

The Heartland community is holding their annual open house, and as a special treat this holiday weekend they're also hosting the Heartland Air show.

They only host this airshow once every five years, but Thursday afternoon pilots from around the nation fired up their engines and flew into the Heartland this holiday weekend to put on a show youâ??ll never forget.

â??Oh, people are incredibly excited and actually itâ??s great,â?? said Julia Dacy, of Dacy Air shows and Event Planning.

Flying high in the sky, these performers know how to please.

â??Itâ??s just another dimension to be in. You know itâ??s a three dimension world and weâ??re just having fun,â?? said Pilot Michael Vaknin.

Twisting and turning and diving towards the ground, itâ??s an opportunity to see aviation in another light.

â??People really get a chance to see the variety and just to see the expression on the faces when they get a chance to see a different form of aviation, not just the corporate flying that we see or the business flying that takes place, but a fun type of flying, flying thatâ??s done for entertainment, so just to really watch the faces of people and bring something new and exciting to their communities,â?? said Dacy.

But these pilots hope to do more than just awe and amaze the crowd.

â??We hear a lot of children come up and want to be pilots and have questions about aviation,â?? said Dacy.

Inspiring an entire generation of future pilots, whether theyâ??re boys or girlsâ?¦

â??One of our pilots performing here is a female in fact, she uh, Susan Dacy will be flying Big Red, which is a biplane and for those in the aviation business itâ??s kind of known as a â??manâ??sâ?? airplane, so sheâ??s a very accomplished pilot,â?? said Dacy.

Whether theyâ??re interested in acrobatics or not.

â??In addition to flying in airshows, is also a commercial pilot, sheâ??s Chicago based, and so she really is someone that individuals can look up to, but particularly young girls who are, maybe thinking about flying too,â?? said Dacy.

These pilots say anyone can learn to do what they do.

â??Thereâ??s a lot of training, a lot of discipline, and if you want to do what we do, all you have to do is become a pilot first and start practicing, and thatâ??s what it is,â?? said Vaknin.

So start practicing now, and maybe one day you could do fly just like they do.

If you missed Fridayâ??s air show, thereâ??s still a chance to get out and see some of the amazing acrobatics on Saturday too. The performance will be from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. Following the show, the performers will also be on hand to sign autographs and answer questions as well. More information about the weekendâ??s events can be found here.