Air Evac Helicopter makes special landing at Heartland School

Students from Faith Lutheran School see the <font size="2">Air Evac Life Team Helicopter</font>

The Air Evac Life Team Helicopter made a special landing at a Heartland school Tuesday Morning.

The chopper landed on the field of Faith Lutheran School in Kirksville. Students at the school, especially the pre-school students, have been learning about community helpers and safety.

Tuesday morning the Air Evac Life Team Crew made a trip to show off the helicopter.

â??The reason we teach our students about community helpers and safety is so if they are ever in a situation where they need firefighters or the Air Evac helicopter, they won't be frightened,â?? said Faith Lutheran Director Janie Fouch. â??We want the students to realize they [first responders] are people like themselves, and rather than running away they will use them for help and realize they are here to help us.â??

All the students at Faith Lutheran, pre-school through sixth grade, were invited to attend. They even had the chance to get inside the helicopter and see what it was like.

"This is one of our children from pre-school father. He is the pilot of the Air Evac helicopter and he volunteered to come and let the children inside the helicopter,â?? Fouch said.

Tuesdayâ??s special presentation was about an hour long.

â??We all see helicopters from a distance, but not many of us actually get to sit inside one, go through it, or get this close to one,â?? Fouch said. â??So the whole school was really excited and really looking forward to today.â??

Kirksvilleâ??s Police and Fire Departmentâ??s also participated in the learning experience last week.