All are invited to the Tree Farm Conference in Kirksville

Woodland landowners, tree enthusiasts, or anyone else is encouraged to attend the 34th annual Missouri Tree Farm Conference May 31st through June 1st at the Days Inn in Kirksville. The first night most of the focus will be on shitake mushrooms and elder berry production in Missouri. On Saturday June first participants will tour areas around Kirksville where a number of diverse topics will be addressed.

â??We're going to go to Ed Keyser's farm and see some of the practices he's done. We're going to have stations on woodland management for wild life, food plots, invasive species, and some of the deer diseases that have been coming up lately. Anyone who has an interest in growing trees and how they grow and what some of the benefits are I think could benefit from the conference,â?? said Yvette Amerman Resource Forester with the Department of Conservation.

If you would like more information on this conference, please use the information below:

Phone number: 818-645-5399