Allergy season is coming back with a vengeance

Have the sniffles already?

Well, you're not alone!

If you have allergies, the worst season could be on our doorstep.

While it's cold outside, doctors are expecting seasonal allergies to come early this year, and much more intense.

Experts say you can blame the weather.

Doctor Lary Ciesemier with Kirksville Allergy and Asthma said there are several things patients can do to get ready for the allergy season. He recommends using allergy medicines at the beginning of March.

â??So, what Iâ??m usually telling patients is starting around March 1st, start using their nasal sprays, their antihistamines. If theyâ??re on shots, to make sure thatâ??s at a high dose. And, if they have allergy symptoms, or have had them in the spring maybe follow up with a physician, or even try some over the counter antihistamines.â??

He said there are some over the counter medicines you can also buy to help.

â??Theyâ??re a lot of over the counter medicines,â?? Dr. Ciesemier said. â??I would recommend people use the second generation antihistamines that don't cause a lot of sedation. The first generation ones like Benadryl can make people tired which can be a hazard if they're driving or operating machinery that sort of thing, so the second generation non sedating ones are typically preferred.â??

Doctor Ciesemier said â??Googleingâ?? your symptoms is not always best either.

He said you shouldn't use Google to diagnose yourself because sometimes it is hard to tell if your symptoms are from allergies, sinus infections or even a viral infection.

He recommends talking to your physician.