Alliant Energy offers tips on saving energy in the heat

Alliant Energy has several tips on how to reduce energy usage on hot summer days.

Spokesperson Justin Foss suggests wearing less clothing while at home such as shorts and t-shirts, and turning off ceiling fans when not at home.

"Re-adjust what you consider cool and maybe crank your thermostat up to 78 to 80, and then just sit around and find a way to stay cool," said Foss. "That's your first and best way to deal with this. Use your air conditioner less."

Foss said you should also re-consider the type of lighting you use.

"You got to remember a lot of those incandescent lights, they put off a lot of heat so turn the lights off," said Foss. "LED lights don't put off really any heat so they're a good source. "

Foss also recommends making sure home is properly insulated, using appliances such as dishwashers and dryers at night, and adding trees to your landscape.