Alternate Route 63 is now open

The new US 63 Highway is now open to motorists in Kirksville.

Baltimore Street just south of MFA is closed, and will remain closed for up to two weeks.

Motorists on Baltimore who wish to travel on US 63 should use Highway 6, 11 or P. Traffic coming from the north will continue on the new highway and exit at the intersections of Highways 6, 11 or P. Traffic coming from the south into Kirksville will take what is now the "flyover", which has been open now for two weeks.

Lighted message boards are stationed at each intersection as well as flagmen. Flagmen are at the approaches of Highway 6, 11, P and Dogwood. They are informing motorists that they need to stop for the alternate route traffic which is a change. Through the construction phase motorists have been driving across those routes without stopping. Now they will need to stop. The flagmen will be out until dusk and are not anticipated to be back Thursday.

MoDOT staff will be along Baltimore observing signals in different locations periodically to be sure they are being responsive to the changing needs and change the signal timing as appropriate.

After the two weeks, the north end will need worked on to build a connection where the alternate route ties in to the existing US 63. That connection is supposed to take up to a month.

Drivers are encouraged to continue to be extra cautious especially when approaching the intersections of Highway 6, 11 or P.