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      Amateur radio enthusiasts have a â??Field Dayâ??

      Airwaves across America lit up as the American Radio Relay League's annual field day started Saturday afternoon.

      Amateur radio enthusiasts from around the nation fired up their radios to connect with other aficionados and test their skills.

      These amateurs, also known as hams, will spend a full 24 hours honing their skills this weekend.

      â??Lots of hams will be out on the airwaves tonight, and today, and tomorrow, so it's very competitive and it's very difficult operating, there's a lot of interference, a lot of other stations, so learning to run your radio in that environment really helps you to learn to run your radio better,â?? said Don Bindner, President of the local amateur radio club.

      Kirksvilleâ??s amateur radio club set up at a shelter in Rotary Park for this yearâ??s Field Day.

      Although it's a hobby for most of the participants, in the event of a natural disaster, these amateurs are often the only ones with communication capabilities.

      To find out more about how these ham radios come in handy in the event of a crisis, tune in to KTVO News at 10 on Thursday.