Ameren Shares Tips on How to Save on Your Electric Bill

Even though we are seeing cooler temperatures right now, doesnâ??t mean we arenâ??t using our A/C units. Some days we crank them up, so we wanted to find out ways you can stay cool without burning a hole in your pocket.

A lot of things that you may do to winter-proof your home will also work in the summertime. Those include: insulation, caulking, and weather stripping your windows and around your doorways.

Also, if you plan to replace any of your appliances of any kind, experts recommend looking for Energy Star appliances. Those use less energy which will help keep your electric bill low.

Keeping your air condition unit clean is also important.

â??For homeowners, on your outside air conditioning unit, be sure to keep it clean. You know, spray it off with a hose occasionally. Make sure it doesnâ??t have leaves and dirt attached to it so that way it can run more efficiently,â?? said Ameren Customer Service Representative, Annette Sweet. â??Also, when you are looking at landscaping, consider putting shade on the south and west side of your house.â??

Sweet also recommends you put shade near your air conditioning unit that is located outside.

Where you set your thermostat also determines how high or low your electric bill will be.

Sweet recommends that you keep your thermostat at least 10 degrees cooler than what the temperature is on the outside.

â??So when it's 95 degrees outside, you should be able to set your thermostat inside to letâ??s say 85-82 degrees, and still be comfortable because there's that 10 degree difference and it really works,â?? Sweet said. â??You would be surprised. I've tried it a couple of times when its really hot outside, and honestly, you really will still feel comfortable.â??

When leaving your house for a few hours, set your thermostat a couple degrees warmer.

â??While you are gone, the air condition unit will continue to run to help keep the humidity out of the air, but it wonâ??t cycle on as much,â?? Sweet said. â??If you turn your thermostat to 5-10 degrees warmer when you are gone, it should only take about 15 minutes to cool it back down without having your unit work overtime.â??

Other simple and cheap ways to keep your electric bill low include: closing your drapes or window blinds to keep the sun from shining directly into your house and experts recommend keeping some sort of fan running, if possible.

â??If you keep a fan running it will help keep the air moving,â?? said Sweet. â??You will feel cooler at 78 degrees with a fan running than you would at 75 degrees without any air moving.â??

If you are thinking about doing something to your house, and arenâ??t sure if it will make a difference, you can visit Amerenâ??s website by CLICKING HERE. If you are interested in their rebate program you can CLICK HERE.