AmerenUE offers free CFL recycling

AmerenUE TMs Residential Energy Efficiency Department is launching a compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb recycling program to make disposing of CFL bulbs environmentally friendly. The program offers the public a convenient no-cost way to safely dispose of used CFL bulbs. AmerenUE has been encouraging people to use the CFL light bulbs because in your home they use about 75 percent less power than a regular incandescent bulb said AmerenUE spokeswomen Annette Sweet. But there is a tiny amount of mercury vapor in CFL bulbs and as they become more popular and are in our homes and businesses then it TMs more important to dispose of them properly.When CFL bulbs finally do burn out, AmerenUE is now providing an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of those products. Customers simply bring their used CFL bulbs to an AmerenUE authorized recycling location for disposal. Recycling centers will accept broken CFL bulbs if they are in Ziploc-style plastic bags. Sweet told KTVO that Kirksville is the hub of northeast Missouri for the CFL recycling program. The two locations heartland residents can take their burnt out CFL bulbs are the Home Depot and Westlake Ace Hardware in Kirksville. For more information, visit AmerenUE TMs website.