American Gothic House getting a facelift

One of the most popular tourist attractions in southeast Iowa has been getting a facelift this summer.

The American Gothic House has been going through some small renovations, something that it has really needed. With Iowaâ??s harsh winters and interesting summers, a lot of wear and tear has been visible on the structure.

Holly Berg, Administrator of the American Gothic House Center told KTVO Friday about some of the work that has been completed.

â??They have been working on replacing bad pieces of wood on the siding; re-glazing the windows, touching up paint where it needed to happen. They also just finished re-aligning the porch to where it is now straight again. For a little while, it had started to sag. But you know on a house built in 1881, these things happen. So they have been working to make some improvements,â?? Berg said.

Berg also told KTVO that workers have worked around the tourists that come to have their pictures taken in front of the historic landmark, being that no one would want construction crews in the back of their picture.

You can track the progress of the restoration over on their website.