'American Gothic' house to get more trees

The southeast Iowa house that inspired the 1930 painting "American Gothic" by Grant Wood.

An area surrounding the southeast Iowa house that inspired the "American Gothic" painting is getting a few more trees.

Trees Forever, a group that plants trees around the state, will be in Eldon on Friday adding greenery to the American Gothic House Center.

The center is adjacent to the house that inspired the famous 1930 painting by Grant Wood.

The group will partner with Alliant Energy, the city of Eldon and local high school students to plant 165 trees.

Nearly 40 shade trees will line the entrance drive, parking lot and visitor center.

Additional trees will be added around the city maintenance sheds.

Organizers invite the public is to participate in the event. Volunteers are asked to bring their own shovels and to wear appropriate clothing for planting.