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      American Gothic painting, an iconic image

      The new e xhibit at the American Gothic House Center is called â??Parodies of a Portrait: An American Iconâ??s Place in Pop Culture" and it focuses on how iconic the painting has become over the decades

      It??s the second most recognized painting in the world after the Mona Lisa.

      The American Gothic painting is an iconic image around the world and a new exhibit at the American Gothic House Center in Eldon is focusing on just how iconic it is.

      The exhibit is called ??Parodies of a Portrait: An American Icon??s Place in Pop Culture.?? It focuses on how American Gothic parodies have been used throughout pop culture over the decades.

      The first parody ever made of the famous painting was in 1942.

      ??It was of an African American worker at the Farm Service Administration and it was kind of, he did it as a way to talk about how not all Americans were equal during the time of segregation and it was a Civil Rights piece. And that was the first one ever made and it was only 12 years later after American Gothic was first painted, so you know it speaks to how iconic the painting was already just a decade later,?? said Holly Berg, American Gothic House Center Administrator.

      The grand opening of the exhibit is Friday evening from 6 to 7 and the exhibit will be on display throughout the year.