Americans celebrate Flag Day and veterans

Honor Guard presenting the colors at Kirksville Manor Care.

The American flag is a symbol of the nation's principles. Every year on June 14 the United States pays tribute to the 50 stars and 13 stripes that represent freedom and the principles of America. The flag often brings comfort to those who mourn, honor those who have fallen and gives people hope.

Friday morning Kirksville Manor Care celebrated Flag Day. The ceremony began with the Honor Guard presenting the colors. Four veterans were honored with flags and then listened to the history of Flag Day.

Veteran John Wood said when he was in high school he was not sure that he wanted to be a soldier, but heâ??s proud that he decided to do it. â??Being an American I'm very proud of the flag as well as being a soldier,â?? Wood said.

Wood said he had several jobs. â??I served as an assistant to the Chaplain. I was a photographer in the infantry. I worked the air defense,â?? he said. Wood said he entered into service in October 1974 and retired in May of 1995.

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