An unexpected door prize hits a home run for North Park's concession stand

North Park baseball fields

Spring is here. Temperatures are finally getting warmer and that means Kirksville is gearing up to make improvements all around the city for outdoor activities. Recreation specialists for the city of Kirksville recently went on a road trip to Kohls Wholesale in Quincy, Illinois to buy equipment for concession stands at North Park and the Aquatic Center when they received more than they bargained for. Kirksville won a $1000 door prize which allowed for more equipment to be purchased.

â??It's really helpful to get this kind of money because concessions equipment is really expensive and its nice to be able to upgrade and by upgrading we able to expand on our menu a little bit and hoping to provide new things to our customers out at the ball park. When you're at the ball park, come by the concession stand. Pick up a tasty treat,â?? said Heather Darrah a Recreation Specialist for the City of Kirksville.

The extra equipment will be delivered to North Park later this month which should serve up satisfying ballpark treats for years to come.