Annie's Project: farm management for women

More and more women are taking an active role in the agriculture industry. So to help women better understand marketing issues, the University of Missouri Extension is offering a workshop.

Annie's Project is a comprehensive educational program and support network for farm women.

It was started in Illinois for farm women to learn more about the farm business portion, said Agri-Business Specialist Joe Koenen. It was developed by a gal whose mother married a farmer and knew very little if anything about the farm business and wanted to learn more. So, it's based on her experiences.

Koenen says that the course will cover a wide variety of topics.

"We have a program where we go on the computer lab and go through Excel and some different computer programs that will be useful to farm women. We talk about how property is titled, farm leases, estate planning. So, it's a wide variety of different topics we discuss," said Koenen.

The course includes six evening workshops starting Nov. 3 at the Knox County High School in Edina and Putnam County High School in Unionville.

The fee for the course is $50. Pre-registration is requested by October 30. For more information, call Joe Koenen at 660-947-2705.