Annual conference draws ranchers and farmers from the region

For 42 years, the Cornbelt Cow Calf Conference has been reaching out to ranchers and farmers, covering a variety of topics in an ever changing climate.

On Saturday at Ottumwa's Bridge View Center, the conference was once again held, showcasing the regions top agricultural manufacturers and experts.

"We set this up so we would have exhibits, a trade show if you will; and we have somewhere around 55 exhibitors in the trade show," said board member Dale Uehling.

Along with the exhibits; speakers, discussion panels and break-out sessions all took place. For organizers, the region is paying attention.

"It looks like attendance is up from last year a bit, and we would like to get it up even more," Uehling said.

Organizers say that the conference just is not for adults, they are seeing an increase in kids, especially those involved in 4-H.

Well, we feel that is very important because they are the future of the industry. So yes, having them here is very important," Uehling said.

As for Ottumwa as a whole, the conference is great. Like so many other events that come to the Bridge View Center, it helps the economy.

We just feel having it here, helps bring people into Ottumwa; and we want to become more of a retail and wholesale hub. So this is one of the ways we can do that, brining in conferences like this," Uehling said.