Annual report on roads paved with good intentions

The Reason Foundation has released its annual report on the performance of the state highway systems.

20th Annual report
by the group includes the latest information available for the year 2009. The study showed the overall condition improved dramatically from 2008 to 2009.

Individually, Missouri received good news. Missouri's state highway system ranked eighth in overall highway performance and efficiency. Missouri ranked first in the condition of its rural interstates, while the urban interstate condition ranked 18th. Missouri has the seventh largest state highway system in the nation.

The news in Iowa was not as good. Iowa ranked 33rd in overall highway performance, a decline from 30th and 31st in the two previous reports. Iowa was 38th in the condition of its rural interstates and 37th in the condition of its urban interstates. Iowa has the 31st largest state highway system.