Another new addition could be coming to The Beach Ottumwa soon

The children's play area is one of the newest attractions at The Beach Ottumwa, but another one could be on the way.

The Beach Ottumwa could be getting a new attraction within the next few years.

At Wednesdayâ??s park board meeting, members looked at several floor plans for a lazy river. The attraction would be located on the western portion of the property, near the childrenâ??s play area.

According to Parks Director and Beach Ottumwa Manager Gene Rathje, the river would be around 500 feet long and about a foot deep. Rathje and employees at the facility are excited for the possibility of another new edition.

â??We are kind of excited about it, and so are a lot of other people. It is one of those things where people of all ages can use it, so it is very relaxing. You can kick back on a tube, get a suntan, relax and enjoy it,â?? said Rathje.

Rathje says that several floor plans were presented, and they must now go through a process to approve them.

â??We are going to take the floor plans we looked at last night, we are going to have Larkin Aquatics in Kansas City revise those plans, and we are going to take two options back to the park board in July. The park board will review them again, then we will take one or two of those plans to the city council, then let the city council decide, and once they are approved by both groups, start the fundraising process,â?? said Rathje.

Rathje told KTVO that he hopes to get the process done soon, being that the new attraction could attract more visitors, and could double attendance at the facility.