April is Alcohol Awareness Month

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and Ottumwa Police are reminding drivers to drive sober.

April is Alcohol Awareness Month.

Although most people know the dangers of drinking and driving, nearly one in three people accept rides from drivers who have consumed alcohol. According to the Governorâ??s Traffic and Safety Bureau, more than 30-percent of drivers involved in fatal crashes on weekends are alcohol-related. 83 of those deadly crashes involving a drunk driver occurred on Iowa roadways.

The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division and Ottumwa police are reminding residents that buzzed driving is drunk driving, and that there are always other options than choosing to get behind the wheel while under the influence of alcohol.

â??Make use of the taxis in town, make use of designated drivers,â?? Sgt. Brian Johnson of the Ottumwa Police Department said. â??Just simply don't drive if you've been drinking.â??

The legal limit in Iowa is 0.08 for adults 21 and over. There is no tolerance for minors with more than a 0.02 BAC. The Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division estimates that a first offense Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) with cost you around $9,000. Far greater than the monetary cost is the potential loss of human life.